Bureau d’Alimentation

Searching for ingredients with local fauna and flora expert Bart Backaert for BDA’s event: Food in Times of Crisis, with Ex-Artists Collective.

Netwerk Aalst 27.04.2018

There’s something special about food; besides its primordial function to nourish, food tells more than thousand words about a culture, traditions, one’s belief and/or mentality, food has the capacity to connect, to question and even to negotiate or induce statements. Food is politics, history, economics, ecology, anthropology and religion all together. We love food, and we love to bring up certain topics through food; we love to keep the discussion open to everyone. Therefore Bureau d’Alimentation organizes artist-orchestrated meals with no fixed format or theme. We work ‘tailor made’ and look to meet the necessities of a place and an audience. We believe dinners are not arbitrary but are always meant to take place in that place on this moment. Our collective collaborates on a temporary basis with artists, cooks and institutions, and together we are creating moments, building set-ups and raising awareness.

Bureau d’Alimentation enquires the cultural, political, environmental and social issues with food through art projects, documentaries, lectures and dinners. Many unfamiliar issues are relatively easy revealed through the politics of food; ranging from cultural traditions (e.g. what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, occasions to eat…) to the political or economic motives of food chains, (re)productive labour, gleaning, commons and more-than-human theories.

Who we are?

Godart Bakkers is a curator and writer with a focus on the intersection between film and galerie. Bakkers worked for four years as the artistic director of Art Cinema OFFoff (Gent, Belgium), works for the European Media Arts Festival (Osnabruck, Germany) as a film-curator, he teaches at KASK, School of Arts Gent a course on artists writing, he organizes exhibitions at Loods12 (Wetteren) and writes for different media.

Bert Jacobs is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the field of installation-art, sculptures, drawings, prints, multiples and editions. Via different collaborations, ranging from setting up group-exhibitions, happenings and collaborative projects he merges visual art, music and performance in a persistent totality.

Charlotte Van Buylaere is a curator and writer whose practice explores the intersections of popular culture, feminist politics and hybrid art forms. Her curatorial projects are often executed in discursive formats such as reading groups, open classes, public discussions and video/film screenings.