Swallowing Helmets — Swimming pool exhibition

Swimming pool exhibition + Plattenbeau (us) / Capelo / Weird Dust

Tuesday 27 June 18h00
Swimming pool exhibition with works by Emeline Galhac, Bart Lescrève, Astrid Bossuyt, Bert Jacobs,
Juan Pablo Plazas Sáenz, Maarten Raskin, Merzedes Šturm-Lie, Niels Vaes + more tbc
Ps: Swimming will be possible (bring your own suit+towel)

Drywall Repair, aluminum, bullet-holes, 2017

Deconstructed camper shot by Federal Police Special Units, using semi-automatic Glock, 9 mm. The pieces were made originally in the context of a group show ‘Mined Mind’ for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.

The camper is a reinvention of a mobile house, evoking the idea of safety and comfort while travelling. With the idea of deconstructing such a definition, the artist destroys the camper by cutting it into pieces, turning it into abstract ready-made sculpture, but leaving identifiable traces of the camper, reflectors, door hangers, etc.
The shooting on the target was sort of the training session orchestrated by the artist. 12 cops shot the panel. Due to the psychological resistance to the imposed authority of the artist, or the lack of shooting skills, many bullets missed the target. The 12 policemen were shooting simultaneously at the target and the error remained anonymous, not imposing any responsibility of missing the target.
The performance then becomes a playground for destruction.