Heartbroken Uncles 5 karaokeband

Musical performance, karaoke
Get to know Bert and Ari-Pekka better

Heartbroken Uncles 5 Karaoke Band

After his nocturnal walk for last year’s Night Shift in Brussels, sculptor and storyteller Bert Jacobs now joins forces with the Helsinki-based audio-visual artist Ari-Pekka Leinonen. With their brand-new performance, they wildly speculate on the quaint events that have led to The Beatles’ break-up and hatred between the legendary song writing duo Lennon-McCartney. Heartbroken Uncles 5 Karaoke Band explores themes floating between toxic egoism, stardom, success and failure. Expect a not-so-average musical farce with harmonious looks and sabotaging intentions.

Mr. Croissant


Guru and Sancho Pancho made a lot of friends.
In fact only two.
During one of their walks in The Capital
they met Mesjeu Croesisaint and Bananzi.
They couldn’t figure out,
if Mr. Cruson was a nice guy
or rather a punk.

In both cases, Monsieur Croissant was a special guy;
he was from a country that invented the word ´chauvinism`

A form of extreme patriotism
and a belief in national superiority and glory
Superiority and inferiority
They walk hand in hand
Little boys mind
Little boys games
Cry baby when the disguise is blown
at the ego hostel

Monsieur Croissant was very proud of that.
Mr. Croissant had the physical appearance
of a croissant combined with two black lines
for arms and two black lines for legs.
An abundance of bread crumbs
escaped from his mouth when he spoke.

His glass was always full.


Late Night Art House

TV ELDORADO or Clarinet Ivan & Weddingband (2019), 60 minutes film & screening with live soundtrack with Ari-Pekka Leinonen, Dom Na Kinoto, Sofia Bulgaria, 2020

ELDORADO TV (2019) and the cosmic heroes Bert Jacobs & Ari-Pekka Leinonen will land on the last Friday of January (31.01) at 22:00 o’clock at Дом на киното / Dom na kinoto – the favorite cinema cinema of all Earthlings.

Belgium, Bulgaria and Finland, 2019, 60’
Multidisciplinary cinema
Music performance by the artists after the screening

22:00 – 23:00 Screening and talk with the artists
23:15 Teleportation to Cush.BAR, DJ set by Jacobs & Leinonen and interstellar dances

Shapeshifters, 41°, sweat and hyperventilation. High-tech meltdown. An impossible love-affair. Uptempo beats, drums and hypnotising melodies. A catastrophic event. And a live music soundtrack.

TV Eldorado, or Clarinet Ivan and the Weddingband is a 2019 film made by Jacobs&Leinonen. The story, set in Bulgaria, revolves around a group of strangers who sign up for a mission in search of the lost Thracian gold.
Soon after the adventure kick-starts the unexpected happens.

TV Eldorado, or Clarinet Ivan and the Weddingband is a movie based on local myths, facts and imagination. A picture show about friendship and confusion, quoting Socrates, Cocteau, Schopenhauer and many other uncles.
TV Eldorado, starring Chevalier Louis de Jaucourt, Sancho Pancho and a Guru hooked on magical rituals, unwillingly exploring parallel universes. Will we ever see these cosmic-dancers again?

“The story is not at all ‘true’ and everything in it is, in fact, a complete and utter lie.”

ELDORADO TV is produced within the ADATA artist-in-residence program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019



An oak tree in Bruges gave birth to the collaboration Jacobs&Leinonen. This delivery triggered a series of conversations about other odd phenomena, like cheap coffee, rakia and tarator.
Jacobs&Leinonen shared interest in walking, tanning, fallen heros, kiosk-architecture and other everyday rarities like large scale corruption, makes them compose music, write poetry, built installations, and use film and photography to document their affection with a reality they don’t always understand.

‘By combining our mixed artistic backgrounds of sound and sculpture we have started a collaboration that seeks openly new possibilities for art in a complex layered society.
We explore success and failure to understand the flexibility that is required to stay vital in fragmented reality. You can only experience the truth, you cannot learn it.’