Mr. Croissant


Guru and Sancho Pancho made a lot of friends.
In fact only two.
During one of their walks in The Capital
they met Mesjeu Croesisaint and Bananzi.
They couldn’t figure out,
if Mr. Cruson was a nice guy
or rather a punk.

In both cases, Monsieur Croissant was a special guy;
he was from a country that invented the word ´chauvinism`

A form of extreme patriotism
and a belief in national superiority and glory
Superiority and inferiority
They walk hand in hand
Little boys mind
Little boys games
Cry baby when the disguise is blown
at the ego hostel

Monsieur Croissant was very proud of that.
Mr. Croissant had the physical appearance
of a croissant combined with two black lines
for arms and two black lines for legs.
An abundance of bread crumbs
escaped from his mouth when he spoke.

His glass was always full.